What is the Art of People Project?

The People

I’m not Dave Kerpen, so I thought readers might want to know why I created the Art of People Project, and why I’m writing this blog. The short answer--I cooked up this crazy idea and pitched it, within 48 hours we were putting this project together. It’s as simple as that.

I’m Tracy Graziani. I love people, small businesses, and the local movement. I’m passionate about seeing other people succeed, which is why I split my time between my marketing agency, Graziani Multimedia, and my startup, Tog Loft.  I’m also a mom, wife, daughter, friend, artist, writer, and doer of impossible things. I believe in infinite possibility, so look out, I’m dangerous.


The Book

“The Art of People” has often been compared to Carnegie's classic, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I agree that it shares the same space in business literature, but it is refreshingly different as well.

In “The Art of People,” Kerpen speaks with candor about both personal and professional successes and failures in a way that is far more raw and vulnerable than a typical business book. In my opinion this is a very brave and bold choice, and part of what makes the book so compelling.

He addresses phenomena that simply didn’t exist in Carnegie's day; things such as email introductions, and reality TV. Even though many of these things are rooted in our current time, his message remains timeless--people matter.

Finally, his book is unique in that it is designed to challenge the reader to take action. More than passively reading the book, we are encouraged to apply it’s principles in our lives, to challenge ourselves to be better people.


The Project

I “met” Dave on Twitter a few years ago after reading his first book, “Likeable Social Media.” I loved that book, and the one that followed, “Likeable Business,” but when I read “The Art Of People,” I was really impressed. A lot of business books are filled with ideas, insights, and compelling research, but few are this personal or practical.

As I was reading “The Art of People” I realized that reading it front to back wasn’t going to be enough. I decided I’d have to return to the book and read it one chapter at a time to fully make use of the FAST action steps. Then I had another idea--what if I blogged about what I learned?

I hope that my #ArtOfPeopleProject will challenge me, and help me to grow as a person, and I’d love it if readers joined me in their own projects as well.


The “Rules”

These “rules” are self-imposed, but this is the framework for how I’ll pursue my #ArtOfPeopleProject:

  1. Focus on one chapter per week.

  2. Complete the FAST action steps at the end of the chapter.

  3. Write about the previous week’s challenge.

  4. Be authentic and wholehearted.


Join me

Feel free to follow along and comment here. You can subscribe to the blog via email list or RSS feed below!

I’m @GrazianiTJ on Twitter and I’ll be using the hashtag #ArtOfPeopleProject, and I invite you to join me in your own project.